Coolest place on earth!

We offer something for everyone!

We have Specialties!

We combine novel, fresh Ingredients‎ and come up with some delicious treats that are are cool & refreshing.

Unique Combos!

We combine our Shaved ice with ice cream to provide some unique flavors and textures!

Blue Bell Ice Cream

We serve our premium Blue Bell Ice Cream in cones,sundaes, Banana splits & shakes!


Speciality Coffees

Frostbite serves both Cold Brewed coffees and coffee combined with our premium Blue Bell ice cream for a unique, refreshing treat!

I love this place! Great portions! Smiling people behind the counter! Fun atmosphere. A place to sit outside in the shade to enjoy your sweet treat! And lovely lovely shaved ice and syrup! I highly recommend a Cherimoya and Tigers Blood mix! Try it! You'll love it!
Colin Moore
Frost Bites is an awesome place, I love how they are helping to keep Pflugerville (Austin) cool, I love that I can order a Frost Bite (Cherry EZ on the syrup) from their drive thru window, and I love that the people working there are friendly and just as awesome as their product
Norma Jean Smith
I have searched all over Central Texas for a snow cone with pickles! Down south Texas they sell a (raspa) called a Piccadilly. It's been my favorite since I was a little girl. I finally found a place that makes it. Its called the Mexicanator. Had one and I felt like a kid again. If you like sour and sweet, definitely try one.
Cynthia Cano

It's a fun place, love the the 50's look!